Critical Mass
This page is intended to be in the style of a blog, as well as a platform where we can go into different directions about the artist’s life and work that may not fit in other categories. Enjoy!.
It's hard to say how many copies of this incredible collection were sold
but my guess would be, not many. They were at first glance an expensive
investment for a book. What people didn't appreciate was the fact that
each "book" contained dozens and dozens of signed very limited prints
each suitable for framing. My copy was a gift, and one of my favorites.
From the humorous use of the double entendre "Lucy relaxed considerably
once she understood the big bang theory", to the prophetic " the
information brought by the generals was 97% fact free", the book is just
One example of Tom Bostelle’s versatility. For an artist that spent
most of his life expressing himself with a paint-brush, it is amazing
how well he could use words as well to articulate his thoughts.
"The Bridge may be icy but the Horses will run"
Linoleum Block Print 1974
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Early Sixtys
Page from unfinished book 1970

Early shadow figures. Illustration for and unfinished book. 1970


Illustration for a book written for Boo
The cover for a catalogue of an interesting group of artists.
3 of 7 pages from catalogue.
Look how this collector has framed her Bostelle water color collection!