This site was created as a tribute to the artist as well as a way to present his life’s work to the public and his long time friends and patrons. I hope to have hundreds of examples of Tom Bostelle's artwork on the site at some point in time.

It would be difficult to find an artist who was as prolific for as long as Bostelle in so many mediums. This website will attempt to bring together over 60 years of his artistic accomplishments.

As an observer of contemporary art as well as current pop culture, I believe it would be challenging if not impossible to find an artist who could maintain their creative edge throughout a 60-year career the way Tom Bostelle did.

If you have an interest in Bostelle's work, please keep checking back for new arrivals to the site. If you know of a special painting somewhere that you don’t see on the site, please, get in touch with us so we can see if it can be photographed for our online collection.

this is a great  rare picture of tom bostelle painting  the flute player  in front of his studio window in the Aeolian palace.
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